Deer Hunts

Find huge Missouri whitetails throughout the deer hunting season at Northern Missouri Hunts. Whether you prefer the early season bachelor groups or the November rut, you’ll find your trophy on the best hunting grounds in the Midwest.

Strategically located stand sites in bedding areas and funnels will give you the best shot at finding top-quality deer. Stay for 4 or 5 days, and choose from archery or rifle hunting. Northern Missouri offers the best early rifle season in the country.

Deer Hunting 2018 Dates
Archery September 15 - November 9, November 21 - January 15
Firearms November 10 - November 20, December 22 - January 1
Firearms Only
November 30 - December 2
Alternative Methods December 22 - January 1

Turkey Hunts

Spring turkey hunting in Northern Missouri is nationally recognized as the best turkey hunting available. With minimal pressure on the birds, the number of turkeys is always high, giving hunters the opportunity to find their best turkey yet. The turkeys at Northern Missouri Hunts consistently measure beyond 25 lbs, with several birds weighing nearly 30 lbs. Hunting options include a 3 day turkey hunt or a 4 day hunt.

Turkey Hunting 2018 Dates
Archery September 15 - November 9, November 21 - January 15
Firearms April 16 - May 6, October 1 - October 31

Duck Hunts

Northern Missouri Hunts offers duck hunting opportunities. Located just 60 miles west of the Mississippi River and with wetlands on site, this area produces great flocks. Include a duck hunt on your trip to add to your hunting experience.

Duck Hunting 2018 Dates

Hunting With Family

Enjoy hunting with the whole family! Northern Missouri hunts offers youth hunting, allowing you to bring along your child for the experience. Get your kids engaged in your favorite activity and teach them the fun of the outdoors. Children’s hunts at Northern Missouri Hunts are an excellent opportunity for an unforgettable hunting adventure.

Youth hunters visiting for deer hunts must be at least 6-years-old, but no older than 15-years-old. Youth duck hunts require hunters to be 15-years-old or younger. The youth hunter must be accompanied by an adult 18+ years old who is not permitted to hunt ducks, but can participate in other open hunting seasons.

Youth Hunting 2018 Dates
Deer (Firearms) October 27 - October 28, November 23 - November 25
Turkey (Firearms) April 7 - April 8